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Brake fluid sensor

MST-20269 – Brake fluid-thermocouple type"K", NiCr-Ni, Cl. 1

The braking fluid thermocouple from Therma convinces not only with its compact construction but also with its simple installation. Just screw it in in-place of the air vent screw to measure the temperature of the brake fluid. The subsequent sheathing line can then be comfortably bent in the required direction. When the thermocouple is screwed in, the braking system is then vented through its thread.

The temperature measurement of the brake fluid, along with the brake disc surface measurement, also supplies important control values for a successful and safe race. During long races or races with many downhill routes, the brake disc overheats over-proportionally. The accruing radiation heat during this has a direct effect on the brake fluid, respectively heats it up. Depending on the type of brake fluid being used, it already reaches its boiling point at approx. 140–260 °C. The air bubbles which develop during this primarily cause the compression of the gas when the braking pressure is built-up, which in the worst case can lead to the complete failure of the braking system, but will at least cause a great loss of braking force. Furthermore, the measurements help optimise the brake system.

Technical Data

  • Sheathed thermocouple NiCr-Ni, Type "K", Class 1
  • Sensor diameter: 1.5 mm
  • Sheathing material: Inconell600
  • Sensor length: 100 mm or 200 mm
  • Installation length: 22.5 mm
  • Thread M10x1
  • Adapter sleeve: VA 5.0 x 40 mm
  • Line length: 1,000 mm, 2,000 mm or 3,000 mm
  • Line type: FEP-Teflon with Cu shield, AWG24F
  • Temperature range of the line: up to 205 °C in continuous duty, 230 °C peak
  • Connection: free ends, mini-plug, mini-plug self-locking, analogue 0–5 V (THK)

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incl. wire (1 m)


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